Christopher Rhodes

On most corners of the internet I'm known by my username seethestarsablaze, but you can call me Chris. In real life I'm a 27-year-old youtuber, activist, and small business owner from Austin, TX — who also happens to be transgender. I run the clothing brand FLAVNT Streetwear with my twin sister where we give 15% of all sales to fundraising partnerships to help trans people afford gender-affirming surgeries. When I’m not working at FLAVNT I spend my time making informational videos for the LGBTQ community, finding ways to give back and make a difference while being the example I wished I could have looked up to as a young queer person. 

I am also a content creator, I vlog about my life and transition, and I blog from time to time. I enjoy posting about fashion, fitness, travel, the latest restaurants and bars, and am always working on a new project. As a content creator I’ve had the opportunity to use my platform to share so many great products, organizations, and events with my audience of over 130k individuals across my various social media channels.

On a less formal note I'm a grandpa whose favorite drink is gin, I’m always planning my next vacation, I love Kelly Clarkson more than most people would care to admit and would absolutely say my happy place is anywhere on the water soaking in sunshine. You can often find me in the gym or playing in any number of social sports leagues in Austin.


I have worked with brands and companies such as: