Hey Y'all!


Hey y’all!

Welcome to my blog, which I assume you found via one of my social media pages but if for some reason you are here without any previous knowledge of who I am, some introductions may be in order.

My name is Chris Rhodes, I live in Austin, TX and I post a lot of photos of myself on the internet. In all seriousness, I have grown an audience of loyal followers on my pages by sharing my transition (I am female to male transgender) as well other parts of my life, whether it be my latest travels, my relationship, my latest outfits, workouts, or a new restaurant or bar opening up in town I’m checking out with my friends.

my not favorite things:

  • when people say “nevermind”

  • chocolate

  • walking fast

  • weddings without open bars

  • spiders

  • cold weather

my favorite things:

  • good hair days

  • new york city

  • breakfast tacos

  • driving with the windows down

  • kelly clarkson

  • the word “y’all”

I’m excited to have you here and use this blog to share more content that I think y’all will enjoy!