The Path to Fertility Isn't Always Straight - CCRM Family Planning

Family planning feels like an incredibly relevant considering the recent political debates and lawmaking surrounding reproductive rights. Notice how I said, “reproductive rights” not women’s rights?  That’s because fertility, pregnancy, gynecological visits, and family planning are not just heterosexual cisgender issues. 

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19 Goals for 2019

There have already been 19 days in 2019, is anyone else as shocked by that as I am? Time is weird, y’all.

I don’t make New Years resolutions but I do try to set goals at the beginning of every year to accomplish in the coming months.

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Hey Y'all!

Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog, which I assume you found via one of my social media pages but if for some reason you are here without any previous knowledge of who I am, some introductions may be in order.

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