19 Goals for 2019

photo cred: Aiden Diaz

photo cred: Aiden Diaz

There have already been 19 days in 2019, is anyone else as shocked by that as I am? Time is weird, y’all.

I don’t make New Years resolutions but I do try to set goals at the beginning of every year to accomplish in the coming months. Looking back on my goals lists from 2018 and 2017 (yes I still have them saved in my phone) I have accomplished a fair amount, but I have also fallen short on way too many of the things I had hoped to do. This year I want to set some slightly more attainable goals but also challenge myself to work toward the bigger and scarier ones and try to cross them all off my list.

19 goals for myself in 2019:

  1. Go running shirtless (I am 2 years post-op and I still haven’t done this, what am I waiting for?)

  2. Nude photoshoot to get out of my comfort zone and showcase how beautiful trans bodies are (on a similar note: go swimming at hippie hollow despite my dysphoria )

  3. Obstacle course run with my friends (already signed up for one in May, so fingers crossed I don’t die because cardio is the worst)

  4. Travel at least one place I’ve never been before (ideally travel to 3+ places I’ve never been before, 2018 was a year full of travels and I want to continue that trend)

  5. Change my birth certificate, which is the last thing I have left to change with my new name/gender marker

  6. Go to some local figure drawing classes/just get back into making art

  7. Learn to surf (who wants to go to NLand surf park with me once it warms up??)

  8. Actually get back into being consistent with my YouTube (and all other content)

  9. Finish more poems, add them to the ones I’ve already compiled, edit them, and make moves toward getting them published

  10. More tattoos — this is a goal every year honestly, and one I always accomplish #priorities

  11. Work with Rowling on her behavior so we can go more places in public that are dog-friendly

  12. Try out for the travel flag football team with Courtney

  13. Sing at karaoke at least once (Bri, I swear you will be there, I wouldn’t deprive you of seeing this)

  14. Keep growing FLAVNT so that 2019 is our best year yet

  15. Find more opportunities to speak at (as an activist, about my experiences as a trans person, about running a small business, etc.), and challenge myself to get better at public speaking in general

  16. Road trip somewhere — even if it’s just somewhere in Texas

  17. Work with more brands on instagram/my other social media platforms

  18. Get started on podcast projects already in the works (ish) with people

  19. Work on saying no to more things that don’t make me happy or excite me, and continue saying yes to the things that do

BONUS: kind of in line with #19, I am going to actively work on bettering myself and not making the same mistakes I always have. And I am going to work on not worrying as much about what people think or criticize me for and surround myself with people who are the type of friend I strive to be.

If you’re into lists like I am — set some goals for yourself for the year, write them down so they’re out in the universe and not just floating around in your subconscious, and look back next January and see if you crossed off more things than you left undone. Let’s hold each other accountable, I’ll definitely share some of these experiences in future blog posts as I tackle them.


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