Summer Guide to my 6 Favorite Swim Trunks

I’d say that I spend a fair amount of the summer by the water, and I probably have more sets of swim trunks than most people have pairs of jeans. Whether they’re basic and multi-functional, or in bright colorful patterns, I’ve shopped all around for my favorite pairs. I prefer a pair of shorts that hits above the knee, (as I plan to explore in a future blog) because as a shorter guy I feel that it elongates my frame, and is more flattering for my legs that I’m finally confident showing off. The irony of wearing shorter shorts after transitioning to male isn’t lost on me.

I get a lot of inquiries about where I get my trunks from so I’ve narrowed down my collection to my 6 favorite pairs:

1. ASOS Swim Trunks — ($18) These were a gift for my birthday and further down my list I have another set of ASOS swim shorts that I adore, this particular pair is fun and vintage inspired. Some people may be wary to wear white shorts, but luckily I find that these don’t seem to be see-through once wet, and actually are easy to coordinate with a t-shirt or patterned button-up for a nice poolside look. They don’t have an inseam length listed but I would guess they are about 4.5” which is a great length in my opinion.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.37.42 PM.png

2. BANKS Journal Primary Boardshort — ($47) The pair I’m wearing in these photos is not available online but I found a comparable pair to link (though they are sold out) — I bought these trunks on a whim on South Congress here in Austin from Service Menswear. These are possibly my most utilized pair of swim shorts, as they also pass as just casual shorts in the day to day and being that they are a neutral basic color they complement a lot of outfits (if you know me you know I like a wardrobe piece that can function in multiple ways whenever possible). The fit, cut, and length of these swim shorts is perfect in my opinion, I wish I had them in every color available.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.39.07 PM.png

3. ASOS Swim Shorts — ($19) I know I listed a a pair of ASOS trunks already, but ASOS is my go to for basically all my basics, their selection of swim trunks is extensive. I’ve only shopped their ASOS brand but find them comparable to H&M (another basic, affordable brand when it comes to closet essentials for me and if you prefer to shop in person for shorts that might be a better bet as ASOS is only online). What I like in particular about these basic trunks is that they offer them in mid, short, and super short lengths which is really rad. I am rocking the super short length here (which be warned can result in a bad sunburn on your UPPER thighs if you don’t watch out — trust me, I know from experience) but I have snagged pairs like these for as cheap as $9 on sale. I have them in several colors and they’re probably my favorite pair.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.40.06 PM.png

4. River Island Yellow Stripe Swim Trunks — (Currently only $20) River Island carries styles very similar to ASOS (I actually originally saw this brand on ASOS so that checks out) with a lot of sort of retro patterns and bold basics. The inseam length isn’t listed on their site, but I would say these are a good mid to shorter length trunk option, my only critique is that when on they are a bit “poofy” around the hip section (which might not be an issue on someone with slimmer hips or a smaller butt than I am blessed with, ha!)

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.38.12 PM.png

5. Bearbottom Clothing Swim Trunks — ($30-45) The style I’m wearing in this photo are out of stock, but they have several other options on their site. These are about the longest shorts I will wear in the summer time, but they are very comfortable, and such a fun pattern. Bearbottom also stocks some of my favorite casual shorts around, I feel like they’re a great competitor for Chubbies at a slightly better price and better fit in my opinion. Their shorts are available in 7” and 5.5” inseams.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.39.34 PM.png

6. MaaMgic Swim Trunks — Available on Amazon ($17.99-23.99) I love the pattern of these trunks and they have dozens and dozens of styles, the only thing is, as short and “retro-fit” as they appear online (their listings say their inseam is 4”, I’d actually say they’re closer to 6”) they’re a little bit long for my preference, so I usually end up rolling them at least once to get the fit I like.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.38.38 PM.png

Be sure to check back soon for my posts on other summer style options!

Also — thought I’d link this video here about packing while swimming for any of my trans readers/followers interested in that aspect of swimming as well!